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Our Vision

To be a leader and trusted partner that delivers Azure/AWS Cloud & application security solutions to the Small and
Mid-sized Business community.

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Our Mission

iQ-Cyber is on a Mission to institutionalize security tactics so that the outcomes of cybersecurity efforts are: Predictable, Repeatable and Successful.

Our Values

  • Do our work the right way (without  cutting corners); we follow through on our own advice

  • Hold ourselves to high standards of personal integrity

  • Work with full commitment and take personal accountability for our actions 


Our Approach

If you are a leader in business or government, or even just a private citizen, there‘s a prevailing view that data security requires more technology.  As past high profile data breaches (i.e. Commercial: Target, T-Mobile, CapitalOne, etc., Federal Government: NSA, OPM, etc.) have demonstrated, sophisticated technology didn’t help in these cases.  


Solution: What’s needed is a “Paradigm Shift”:  Instead of relying on more technology, a culture of heroes and ad hoc security tasks that tend to leave gaps in an organization’s security posture – the organization should transform these ad hoc components into an institutionalized framework of consistent and repeatable set of best practices, processes, and methods.

iQ-Cyber delivers an Agile Business Process Management philosophy to cybersecurity activities so organizations can consistently mitigate their risks.  We accomplish this goal by identifying methods that continuously improve our client's security posture.  As a result, this will institutionalize the security approach so that successful outcomes of work efforts are repeatable and predictable to protect against well documented cyber threats but agile enough to quickly react and address  zero-day and advanced persistent threats.

Who We Are

Since our inception in 2018, iQ-Cyber has been totally focused on delivering a Business Process Philosophy to cybersecurity.

Our senior Staff has more than 21 years experience delivering mature cybersecurity solutions to federal and commercial customers in the Washington D.C., Mid-South areas and the nation.  We bring a deep understanding of cybersecurity prevention techniques and skillsets to address advanced and emerging threats. 

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