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Cloud Application Security


Application Security that takes your business to the next level of cyber protection.


We can Implement AppSec Best Practices:

Our experts can perform root cause analysis to identify the source of a vulnerability so that we may prevent it from occurring again. Our root cause analysis is conducted to find solutions for the problematic areas in policy, process, and standards including system configuration standards. We can help you: • Secure your 3rd party supply chain - software supply chain attacks are trending. Attackers now exploit one weakness, which opens the door for them to traverse down the supply chain where they can steal sensitive data, plant malware, and take control of critical systems • Perform software upgrades, diagnosing issues, and onboarding of new applications • Build security into DevOps – Orchestrating and correlating your testing process ensures that application security will not become a bottleneck. Validate findings, work with development teams and provide a remediation playbook that documents the steps required to correct security flaws

We Can Manage Your AppSec Program (From Ad Hoc to Advanced Application):

Finding qualified application security professionals to protect the applications we have all come to rely on daily is no easy task. With our Managed AppSec as a Service program, we can help you launch a Mature AppSec program. We can: • Expand testing coverage across your application portfolio that aligns with the level of acceptable risk. • Seamlessly extend your team and scale our resources to quickly address short notice or part-time requirements. • Boost security and protect your data. Our AppSec engineers will work in partnership with your developers, IT, and others to set security policies for applications and build proactive programs that address the entire software lifecycle — from development to end of life. We will also build technical, operational and executive metrics to measure program results and report on progress. • Scale our Managed AppSec as a Service program to offload your application security processes - from scan management (SAST, DAST, IAST) and vulnerability validation to pen testing - onto our experienced professionals, that guarantee a consistent and repeatable application security assessment process.

We can Close Gaps in your existing AppSec Program

Building secure software requires more than applying automated and manual testing tools. We can help you: • Align your people and technology along the entire application development lifecycle, while simultaneously closing gaps in your AppSec process. For example, even though many enterprises are now focusing on application security, there are still significant gaps in their API security process. Dark Reading’s 2021 Secure Applications Survey highlights that 41% of respondents treat APIs the same as Web applications, and only 23% of respondents have a dedicated process for evaluating API security • Conduct assessments on the correct applications - Many organizations don't have a full inventory of their applications. As a result, understanding which apps pose the greatest security risk can be almost impossible to determine without a current inventory or a detailed “software bill of materials” (SBOM).


Your Path to a: Mature AppSec Program

According to Akamai, attacks at the application layer are growing by more than 25% annually. But many organizations still struggle to understand how to get started with application security, or what components will produce a good AppSec program. • Download our datasheet (see Resources page) to gain insight on the application security process. This datasheet outlines the steps most of our customers take to develop a mature application security program. • Additionally, one of our Chief AppSec Architect's shares their experience developing and leading an application security program at one of our large government customers. You will learn: The different AppSec phases guiding most organizations.

We can help mature your Application Security process

Defective software can result in lost clients and users. failing business processes, revenue impacts, security breaches and regulation violation.  These risks grow proportionally as organizations increase their dependency on software.

To mitigate these risks, organizations need to build and mature an Application Security Program that aligns with the level of acceptable risk.  For example:

Software Testing1.2.png

Are you assessing the correct applications?

Are you conducting the right types of assessments?

Are assessments run frequently enough?

As mentioned earlier, many organizations don't have a full inventory of their applications.  Our risk ranking and assessment planning approach employs OWASP SAMM & ASVS to quickly clarify which apps justify your highest attention and how to assess their security risk.

Automated security testing tools may only find 54% of an application's vulnerabilities.  At iQ-Cyber, we employ OWASP ASVS across our testing practices to expose the other 45% of defects hiding in your software.  With OWASP SAMM & ASVS we are able to find defects related to security controls that are not discovered through other activities such as: SAST, DAST, IAST or pen testing.

With new releases, applications can expose new vulnerabilities. We can help develop an assessment schedule that integrates with your development cycle and catch vulnerabilities before they're deployed in production.

At iQ-Cyber we understand that application security testing has become too generic and not aligned with the business environment. 

When assessing software risk, it is critical to recognize and test for security issues across all three layers of an application:

  • The custom code developed in-house

  • Third-party components, frequently used by software engineers to accelerate development, and

  • The network infrastructure in which the application runs

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