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Empowering your frontline workforce provides

Find and keep essential frontline workers with a winning value proposition

As a successful Small & Mid-Sized Business (SMB), you look for many ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Some of the ways to differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge is to: 

  • embrace the latest tech from cloud, mobile, and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies, 

  • provide tools that deliver better communication, transparency and keep Frontline teams and operations agile,

  • accelerate the need to digitally transform processes that were manual or occurred in-person

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iQ-Cyber can help your frontline workers quickly see the technology experiences and benefits they can expect to receive.

However, achieving this edge can increase cyber risk exposure for SMBs and the chances of being targeted.

There's nothing small about protecting your business and enabling your frontline workforce

Costly and overly complicated technology solutions should not be the challenges that prevents frontline workers from feeling more connected to your organization; additionally, as a SMB, you should not have to sacrifice or compromise your cybersecurity solutions because of a lack of resources and security infrastructure.

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With iQ-Cyber’s expert staff, combined with Microsoft’s 365, Azure Cloud and security solutions, you get a blueprint and customized cybersecurity toolkits that deliver enterprise level-protection and support at a cost that’s affordable to SMBs.

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About 78 percent of leaders said that equipping frontline workers with technology is key to success.

Rebuild culture on the frontline


Secure your frontline workforce


Transform your entire workforce

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To address the Next Generation of Cyber Threats your Business Needs Next-Level Cybersecurity Protection

Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization. To effectively address these workplace threats, you must, at a minimum: • Identify your business' key goals and aspirations • Pinpoint areas of weakness in your cybersecurity hygiene (i.e. third-party/supply chain risks, misconfigured cloud services, cybersecurity awareness training, etc.) • Empower your entire workforce to be more cybersecurity resilient (determine how your people, processes, and technology need to evolve) • Know where your data travels on the Internet. Implement best practices to secure your metadata. • Implement a strategy for cybersecurity best practices (i.e. Use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, perform regular software and security updates, establish an effective back-up and disaster recovery plan) • Leverage cybersecurity and compliance for success

iQ-Cyber’s Business Value Solution

Our approach to cybersecurity adds significant value because it protects all categories of your data from cyber theft and damage. Defending an organization against cyber threats is difficult for any business, regardless of size. But it’s particularly true for SMBs because their resources are normally limited, and they must be keenly focused on only making investments that will bring impactful results. The stakes are higher and prioritizing what’s most important is critical for success. Helping to identify those priorities is where iQ-Cyber adds value.

The key is to implement the technology and processes that will keep you one step ahead of attackers, while simultaneously avoiding overly complex technology solutions.  This is why

iQ-Cyber has become a solution provider in Microsoft's Cloud Partner Program.



What are some of the key benefits of using outside IT Consulting vs in-house staff? • Increased flexibility is helpful for small businesses – for many SMBs it is inefficient and cost prohibitive to hire full–time staff when implementing new technology initiatives. Given the fact that many IT teams are overwhelmed and understaffed they tend to operate reactively rather than proactively to new IT initiatives. Solution: Hiring experienced cybersecurity consultants allows you to only pay for what you need and avoid the overhead costs associated with having in-house IT staff. This increased flexibility can be critical to addressing the growth pangs of start-ups and SMBs. • Ensures access to proven expertise – in order to stay relevant in a highly competitive industry, iQ-Cyber has invested heavily in Azure Cloud certifications for all technical staff. We can also provide SMBs with a range of services, including advice, estimation, competitive analysis, development of an IT corporate strategy and implementation of cloud and IT on-premise systems • Continuously tracking government and industry standards and regulations – iQ-cyber consultants can also help your business keep up with recent developments in your industry. For example, if there are any changes being made to government regulations or industry standards that affect how they operate their business. This array of things can have a major impact on how well an organization performs overall; but only if your employees are aware of them in time and are able to adapt accordingly. • Highly cost-effective - SMBs can save money and time by hiring an IT consulting service. SMBs might not have the overhead costs to support a full-time IT department to conduct long-term strategic IT planning or complete projects necessary to stay level with changing technologies. In contrast, iQ-Cyber complements your in-house IT team by providing the bandwidth and expertise necessary to appropriately devise a strategic IT plan that jumpstarts or enhances your organization’s digital transformation journey.

What’s Your Desired Cybersecurity Posture? To answer that question, you must first assess your risk to vulnerabilities and threats and then decide the level of cybersecurity protection needed for the risk you’re willing to accept. As new security risks, vulnerabilities, and threats emerge, it’s important to create a holistic process of regularly monitoring and maintaining your cybersecurity posture. Adopting a more holistic approach that takes items like existing policies or systems, risk-analysis programs, workplace culture, and employee education into consideration is highly recommended. Identifying all points of vulnerability will help the organization to be proactive rather than reactive to cybersecurity threats. By understanding the gaps that create weaknesses in your organization’s current cybersecurity state, you can begin to establish a plan to harden and secure your environment. Awareness of your cybersecurity posture is vital because that posture affects security-related decisions. Without understanding your posture, you may end up making security investments that are unnecessarily expensive, ineffective, or not required at all. Additionally, choosing not to establish a plan can lead to a major breach which can cause a loss in revenue and important data, and equally critical, it can ruin your reputation with the public which can be almost impossible to get back.

How can iQ-Cyber help my business develop its cloud strategy. iQ-Cyber’s consulting team can help chart your cloud strategy with confidence. Our certified cloud experts will plan, architect, implement and manage a secure cloud environment. For example, by implementing a cloud-first strategy, our consultants can use Microsoft Azure to: (1) Establish a strong hybrid cloud foundation (2) Connect your workforce- to make it easier for employees, partners, vendors and customers to use the apps and data they need from any location. (3) Reduce your on-premise footprint, cut costs and optimize IT resources by moving backup servers to Azure. (4) Deploy advanced solutions, like Azure Virtual Desktop - to offer remote employees the tools they need to do their jobs by securely delivering Windows 10 or Windows 11 virtual desktops and applications to any approved device. (5) Protect your cloud infrastructure with Azure Security.

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Future-proof your business with Azure & AWS Certified Cloud Specialists @ iQ-Cyber

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